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Sweet Vaasa


Australian meringue cake with chocolate ganache or in fruit pavlova passionfruit curd, banana, whipped cream and fresh fruits & berries. The topping changes depending on season, strawberries as in picture is available summer time.

LF - lactose-free
GF - gluten-free


Size: Mini       2-3 people

        Small      4-6 people

     Medium     8-10 people

          Big       15 people


Chocolate Pavlova: egg, lactose-free cream, chocolate (58%, soy lecithin), sugar, corn flour, fresh fruits (e.g. strawberry, blueberry).

Fruit Pavlova: egg, lactose-free cream, lactose-free butter, sugar, corn flour, passionfruit, banana, fresh fruits (e.g. kiwi, strawberry, blueberry).

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