Free home delivery (minimum order 10e) available mon-fri 10-14, 17-18; sat 10-14 (7 km range from café).

Breakfast bag Saturday

Sweet Vaasa


Breakfast bag Saturday 23.1 available for delivery or pick-up at café:
- Filled focaccia with roast beef, horseradish créme and pickled red onion 
- Cherry-chocolate cupcake 
- Granola with turkish yoghurt & fresh berries
- Croissant
- Orange juice

Following options available at café 10-13:
- Breakfast bowl with fried egg, quinoa, warmsmoked salmon, baby spinach & peahummus 6,50€
- Chocolate chip american pancakes with banan, chocolate sauce & whipped cream 4,50€
- Breakfast plate with filled focaccia (roast beef, horseradish créme & pickled red onion), cherry-chocolate cupcake, granola with turkish yoghurt and fresh berries, croissant, orange juice and coffee/tea 12€